About GrubStreetPrinting.com

“The second part of the history of the world and the arts begins with the invention of printing.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Literacy rates in America continue to decline, independent booksellers are shuttering their stores, and bibliophiles have made the Endangered Species List. Who needs GrubStreetPrinting.com ?

After thirty years of collecting books, manufacturing books (of course reading books), publishing books, and even writing a book, it was time to engage other like minded people to encourage and enable them to pursue or broaden their publishing endeavors. Untangling the publishing process and offering an efficient, orderly production protocol can assist the medium publisher’s production department as well as the small publisher struggling to wear every hat from royalties and rights to packing and shipping.


“...for without books God is silent, justice dormant, natural science at a stand, philosophy lame, letters dumb, and all things involved in Cimmerian darkness.” Thomas Bartholin, De libris legendis’ Disertations. Copenhagen, 1672

Historically, technology has defined the printer’s market niche. Some printers excelled at short run books, some in full color books, and some found the demanding specifications of hard cover textbooks suited them.

But as technology evolves, the lines between these capabilities become blurred and less defining: the human element is emerging in the digital environment as the critical component in supplier selection. If the person on the other end of the line isn’t listening, if the designer leaves loose ends for someone else to cleanup, if the cover technician overlooks your proof corrections, no technology in the world can produce the book you envisioned.

“...far more seemly to have the Studie full of Bookes, than thy Purse full of money.” John Lyly 1654

Scriptorium Monk at Work

And it just doesn’t matter how many estimates you request if the suppliers aren’t the best available for your book. With clear and open lines of communication with you, the publisher, GrubStreetPrinting.com will select specific vendors to bid competitively on your project.

Making high quality books is what this service is all about. Books are so much more than products that you will never hear us call a book a product. If you would like to work with GrubStreetPrinting.com, we expect the same of you.