First Thing's First

Long before your manuscript is ready for the printer, it needs lots of care and attention, much of which you may be able to do yourself. Depending on the writing skills of your author, proofreading and copyediting can prove to be another opportunity to enjoy the manuscript or a miserable month spent with the Chicago Manual of Style at hand.

Proofreading and Copyediting

Proofreading and copyediting assistance is available if you’re uncomfortable with your own skills or simply don’t have the time or energy to tackle these projects. works with professionals across the country who specialize in working with publishers large and small and can handle as much or as little as you’d like to free-lance out. Email us with a fairly specific description of your needs, and we’ll find someone whose expertise matches your requirements.


Not only do many publishers rely on a competent cover designer, many turn to professionals to design the layout of the text also. Everything from type styles to running heads, chapter breaks, pagination, margins, etc. is considered to make your book as attractive as possible for your reader. I know in the digital age, many publishers pick their font from whatever’s available in the font directory and go from there and are happy with the outcome.

Over the years I’ve manufactured books with horrible page design and type that makes reading unenjoyable. Typography has come a long way from choosing fonts and setting them by hand, but it remains an art for those whose eye catches the attractiveness of a well-designed page, how the type effortlessly moves the eye across the page.

More common is the use of cover designers since most publishers are uncomfortable with their own design skills. is in contact with many designers who can professionally design your pages, covers, dust jackets, even your logo. Again, email us with very specific information about your book and how you envision the text and cover. Some designers use 4 color printing to wonderful effect, others can produce eye-catching, delicate covers with just two or three PMS color inks. can match you with a designer whose skills match your vision.

File Checking

Every printer has their specific file requirements for you to submit your files for manufacturing. Some accept True type fonts, many don’t. Some require MacIntosh files or specific application files. Almost all prefer that text files are submitted as PDF files.

Conversely, most printers prefer cover files they can adjust for their presses and require application files (Illustrator, Quark, etc.). They need to know which program and version you’re submitting. Don’t be surprised if they reject your Photoshop version 4.01 file: you’ll need to upgrade.

Printers have access to many fonts but there’s always the chance that your supplier and their supplier have slight variations between the fonts, so printers insist you include all fonts and graphics when you submit your files.

To save time and money, it’s best to submit files that are immediately ready to pass their preflight inspection. If you’re unsure your files are ready, email us for professionals that can quickly examine and prepare your files for printing.