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GrubStreetPrinting.com helps you find the designers and editors, printers and binders that are known and respected throughout the print/publishing community.

Best of all is that our services are free to the publisher. The artists and printers that work with us are willing to spend money to find people like you - book publishers.

In the late 1700's in London, Grub Street was a mélange of writers, publishers, and booksellers eking out a living, striving for success. It was a low rent district that fostered a more common publishing industry than the established aristocratic London book scene.

It's in the spirit of Grub Street that we partner with publishers without a Manhattan office, who work late into the night preparing their books with all the hope, pride and doubt that accompanies creative endeavor.

We've produced an excellent guide called Book Basics that will inform both the novice and experienced publisher interested in understanding the printing process. Book Basics explains it all from book design to carton packing.

And as we expand and include more suppliers and services we hope to assist publishers with warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping.

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