Request for Fulfillment/Warehousing Information and Pricing

Most publishers find it most economical and convenient to handle their own book storage, distribution, and order fulfillment.

There are circumstances when alternatives arrangements need to made, however. Some desperate printers on the internet services don’t actually perform and lack the facilities to offer.

Generally, efficient and economical services can be found either at the printer or specialty stand-alone companies that offer these services. They are not distributors in that they don’t sell to bookstores or chain stores. Those that advertise that they do book marketing do a pathetic “one size fits all” routine that is less effective than your own efforts should be. If you can’t reach the audience for your book, why do you suppose they can?

To be clear, warehousing is warehousing: your books sit on a skid in a warehouse and whenever you need a carton or two to fill orders, they will ship them to you. You’re charged monthly by the square feet that you occupy and every time you request books there will be a release charge plus shipping charge.

Fulfillment services also warehouse the books, but they will also fill your orders from their location. You will pay for the warehousing and each release shipment and all shipping charges. Some offer an 800 number to take orders from your customers, at a price.

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